Fairfield Magazine features Stephen Kellogg

"Kellogg was part of a class of musicians, athletes, and artists from Fairfield-former professional tennis player James Blake and guitar virtuoso John Mayer among them-who have all gone on to achieve success globally"- Fairfield Magazine

Folks, I grew up in a town full of superstars. Literally. I walked the school halls with some freakishly talented people, including but not limited to the guitar great and tennis stars mentioned above. Also attending classes with me were NHL Rookie of the Year (Chris Drury), insanely funny actor (Justin Long) and the "Geico Guy" (Mike McGlone), I mean it's something. I'm not name dropping, I promise. I'm proud of these people all of whom were good people in the time that I knew them. And for every famous person who is exceptional, there are a hundred non-famous people who live where I grew up and make an impact with their lives. I think of my junior high dean of students, Jeff McHugh. Not only was he the first guy to suggest I try out for a play and join a band with his son; and not only did he play the banjo on my recent single "Last Man Standing", but the guy has literally improved thousands of lives as a steadfast, humorous and brilliant educator.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it means a great deal to me that the town magazine where I grew up picked me to talk about this month. That they took the time to do a feature about my new record "South, West, North, East" is really moving to me.